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Connecticut Green is a plant heath care company dedicated to lawn & shrub care solutions for Fairfield County, Connecticut residents. We are relentlessly focused on better understanding our environment, latest products and equipment to build healthy and sustainable landscapes.

By design, we do not offer a standard program. Our process is to meet with you and better understand your unique property. We will then develop the right solution for you depending upon your needs. As we gain experience on your property we will evolve the program to provide the best results.

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Lawn Care

How much sun do you get? What’s your irrigation? Do you have pets? We will ask the right questions so we can design a personalized program for your lawn.

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Shrub Care

Our shrub care programs are built around preventative measures and scouting, keeping your unique shrubs and ornamental trees in mind. We also offer curative treatments to save the day when needed.

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Tick Spray

Many properties in Connecticut are highly susceptible to ticks. We offer highly effective sprays using synthetic or organic products. These sprays are safe for people, pets and the environment.

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The Secret Is Out

Compost Tea is an organic application that your soil is craving. We carefully brew our own aerobic compost tea and apply it to your property. The application will stimulate the organic matter in the soil and provide the nutrients that your plants need to thrive.

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