About Connecticut Green

Lawn & Shrub Care in Fairfield County

Connecticut Green is a plant heath care company dedicated to lawn & shrub care solutions for Fairfield County, Connecticut residents. We are relentlessly focused on better understanding our environment, latest products and equipment to build healthy and sustainable landscapes.

By design, we do not offer a standard program. Our process is to meet with you and better understand your unique property. We will then develop the right solution for you depending upon your needs. As we gain experience on your property, we will evolve the program to provide the best results.

Connecticut Green Was founded in 2002 by Dan Hageney. He lives in Darien with his wife Jennie and their three children. Dan graduated from the University of Rhode Island with a Bachelor of Science degree. While attending URI, Dan would return in the summer to his hometown of Thornwood, NY and worked for a local lawn care company. After graduating from URI, Dan lived in NYC and worked in advertising and film production for 10 years. But his love for the landscape and his entrepreneurial itch were too strong and Connecticut Green was born.

Repel is a division of Connecticut Green. It’s a unique pest control company that offers naturally derived, effective treatments to keep mosquitoes, ticks and deer away. We use only the highest quality solutions and equipment to offer safe, professional applications whenever and wherever clients need them. We want our clients to enjoy their outdoor spaces without the worry of discomfort or disease, and without the additional worry of exposure to dangerous chemicals.

Our goal is to get our clients back out to their yards while also protecting the planet. We love this big blue planet of ours, and we want to protect everything that lives on it, from the bumble bees to the redwoods to the fish in the sea. We believe that we can help everyone enjoy the outdoors more without harming wildlife or contaminating soil and groundwater. We’re going to do our best to make our world a better and more enjoyable place for everyone.

Founded in 2018, Repel offers services on a year-round, subscription basis, or as needed before a gathering or event. Repel’s services are available for homeowners, business owners and municipalities.


The Connecticut Green crew shares a common passion in understanding the Connecticut environment and good old-fashioned hard work. The core crew have been with the company from the beginning and are all long-time friends. They are fully committed to the company and to its success.


CT Pesticide Business Reg.: #B-1975 CT Supervisors License: S-4719 NY Pesticide Technician: T-0836145