Gravel Driveway Renovation

restore the beauty of your gravel driveway

In our part of Connecticut, many homes have long, winding gravel driveways. While these driveways look great, maintaining them isn’t always easy – or low-cost. And no matter how hard you work to maintain your driveway, repairs are often necessary due to harsh weather or simple wear and tear.

However, you may not need to replace your gravel as often as you think! Connecticut Green’s Gravel Driveway Renovation services can restore the beauty of your gravel driveway, typically without replacing your existing gravel! You’ll be amazed at what we can accomplish with our renovation services!

While additional gravel isn’t always required, we can both deliver and spread new gravel if you do need it.

Need Driveway Repairs?

Restore the beauty of your gravel driveway with our renovation service.