Lawn Care

A customized lawn care program

A healthy lawn makes your property look even more beautiful – but lawns can’t take care of themselves. Don’t take a cookie-cutter approach to your lawn’s care and feeding; let us develop a specialized program that takes your unique property into consideration, from the grading of your property, to the amount of traffic your lawn gets, to the health of your soil. With decades of experience and hundreds of loyal customers, we have the experience to know what your lawn needs to thrive.

Our holistic lawn care programs are customized based on your property and its conditions. Every property is different, and each year brings a new set of challenges in terms of weather and pests. Developed individually for each of our clients, our programs focus on preventative applications as much possible.  That said, we’ll never sell you a service you don’t need, we’ll make tailored suggestions about services you do need, and our timing will always be spot-on.

Our programs will consider some or all of the following, based on your property’s unique needs:

  • Fertilization (Synthetic & Organic) – to keep your lawn lush and green all season long
  • Weed Control – while we focus on prevention, we also offer curative services to keep a broad variety of weeds away from your lawn. Organic and synthetic options available
  • Insect Control – prevent grubs and chinch bugs before they can get to your lawn, and get rid of them quickly if they do
  • Disease Control – protect your lawn from fungus and disease. Treat issues quickly, effectively and safely if they arise
  • Lime – balance your acidic soil with seasonal lime treatments to ensure a healthy, lush lawn
  • Aerating & Seeding – trust Connecticut Green to prep and seed your lawn every season for full, even growth
  • Compost, Compost Tea, and other Soil Amendments – improve the quality of your soil for better results season after season

Maintain a Beautiful, Healthy Lawn

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