Liquid Soil Drench: The One Thing You Absolutely Should Do Every Year for Your Shrubs – Especially if You Have Boxwoods!

If there’s one single, solitary thing you should do for your garden each year, it’s shrub fertilization.

In my opinion, it’s the most important service Connecticut Green offers. That’s because in only one application, we accomplish so much.

Our Liquid Soil Drench is much more than a typical sprinkling of 12-6-6 around your hedges. This carefully formulated treatment contains three key ingredients:

  • Water-Soluble Liquid Fertilizer: While many think of fertilizer as “plant food,” this isn’t really accurate. Plants don’t really need food; they need sun and water to complete photosynthesis, which produces the sugars they need to survive. That’s the only “food” they require! What they do need are additional nutrients that may be absent or not readily available in your soil. So really, the right fertilizer is more like a vitamin supplement than food.
  • Systemic Insecticide: We apply a widely-used insecticide that mimics the effects of nicotine, killing insects that eat your shrubs. (Nicotine has historically been used as a natural pesticide, FYI!)  These include several kinds of grubs and Japanese beetles, among other pests. The treatment we use is only toxic when ingested by insects and grubs, and actually shares the same active ingredient as leading flea and tick treatments, so you can feel confident that your family is safe. There are no fumes, no dust clouds, and no granules.
  • Biostimulant: Different from fertilizers, biostimulants improve soil quality and help plants more efficiently absorb nutrients. Plants are hardier, use water more efficiently, and look (and where applicable, taste) better. At the same time, biostimulants make soil more fertile by helping complementary micro-organisms flourish. If fertilizers are like vitamins for your garden, think of biostimulants as their annual megadose of probiotics.

This treatment, applied once annually, can dramatically improve the appearance of your garden – particularly if you (like everyone else) have boxwoods in your yard. A single treatment will eliminate pests for your boxwoods for an entire year. Your shrubs will be greener, fuller and healthier than you’ve ever seen them! No more ugly scabs from boxwood leafminers. No more mites or psyllids.

Why fertilize your shrubs?

If you’ve invested in a beautiful landscape design, annual fertilization will protect your investment and keep your yard beautiful. While shrubs can certainly survive on their own, they may not thrive – and they will be at risk of destruction by grubs and other pests. Fertilizing with our three-pronged approach will not only keep your garden looking beautiful on the outside, it will make all your plants stronger from the inside, as well.

Natural alternatives

While our Liquid Soil Drench generally uses more traditional ingredients, we understand that many customers prefer to take an organic approach to their garden care. We absolutely respect that, and we are happy to provide natural products as an alternative. Just ask – we can develop a custom treatment tailored to your plants and your values.

Ready to fertilize your shrubs? May through June is the perfect time! Contact us today to book your treatment.

Keep your property green, healthy and safe.

Contact us today with questions about our services, products – whatever you need.
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