Ready, Set…Aerate!

Fall is just around the corner already, much to the chagrin of many of our kids! Here at Connecticut Green, autumn is all about aerating and seeding – and we’re already ready to go.


Aeration season means it’s time to punch little holes in your lawn to promote healthier, greener grass. While it may seem like an odd annual ritual, aeration offers many benefits. For starters, aerating alleviates problems caused by soil compaction. If your soil is compacted – which can occur naturally, particularly if your lawn began as sod, or if it gets a lot of traffic – the earth is packed so tightly, even water has a tough time penetrating the surface.

With that in mind, consider these additional benefits:

  • Aerating improves the flow of air to the roots of your grass
  • With aerated soil, roots can better access and absorb fertilizers and other products
  • Aeration allows the soil – and subsequently, your grass – to more readily absorb water
  • Because your soil can accept water more easily, aeration also reduces puddling on your lawn
  • Allows for seed to soil contact when overseeding

While some Connecticut Green clients have already booked their aeration services, many of you haven’t yet – and it’s not too late. Contact us now to schedule!


Fall is also the best time to seed your lawn. After a long, hot summer, plus months of kids playing, and pets running (and possibly doing other things) on the lawn, your grass has likely taken a beating. Overseeding – spreading seed over your existing grass – in autumn can help bring life back to your lawn!

If your lawn has dead spots, we will rake them out and re-seed. We also can plan to bring soil if needed, either by bag or by the yard. Sometimes adding soil along a driveway or patio can make a big difference. If you think your yard requires soil, please let us know.

We normally apply shredded hay to the bare spots. And for many clients we’ll fertilize and apply lime right after we aerate.

Ready for your fall service? Contact us today to schedule!

Keep your property green, healthy and safe.

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