Three Reasons to Love Liriope!

Got that one spot in your garden that needs…something? Maybe it’s a spot that doesn’t get much sun, but you’re sick of hosta? Liriope might be exactly what you need!

Liriope, also known as “lilyturf,” “monkey grass” and “hardy grass,” is a resilient ground cover that stays green all year round. It looks like an ornamental grass, but it’s not a grass at all, and it spikes lovely blue-purple flowers in late summer. You’ve probably seen it and admired it many times, but never known what it was.

There are a number of reasons why I love liriope, and here are just a few:

  1. It’s really hardy. Liriope can grow just about anywhere and take just about anything you or Mother Nature can dish out. This perennial doesn’t need a lot of water, and it grows well in any kind of sun exposure. It can survive the coldest winters, and even withstand winter salt! Even better, deer don’t seem to like liriope, and it’s resistant to most insects and blights.
  2. There are several varieties that can meet a lot of different needs. Liriope Muscari grows in tufts like an ornamental grass. Because it holds its shape really well, it makes a great border plant. It can also be clumped together to make a really effective ground cover. Avariegated variety of Liriope Muscari can add additional color and beauty to your garden, especially when those violet flowers spike up! (There are several different, attractive varieties of Liriope Muscari listed in this article – definitely worth a look!) Liriope Spicata is a rapidly spreading version that makes an excellent ground cover, particularly in spots where grass won’t grow.
  3. It looks good in almost any type of garden. Liriope makes a fantastic companion to hosta – the thin, blade-like leaves make a nice compliment to hosta’s broad ones. The two together can grow just about anywhere and look especially nice around trees and along borders. Liriope also works well in rock gardens, as edging, and even in planters!

There are so many reasons to love liriope. If you’ve got bare spots in your garden this year, why not consider this hardy perennial as an option?

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