Weed Control in Planting Beds – What We’re Doing Now

Nobody likes weeds. Apart from the fact that they’re unpleasant in appearance, they can cause harm to your other plants, competing with them for nutrients, water and sunlight. Rather than dedicating all our time to reacting to weeds, we take a proactive approach to weed control and prevent them from growing in the first place.

This is the time of year that weed prevention starts for us at Connecticut Green! We’re largely clear of the threat of frost, and it won’t be long before your garden is in full bloom. So, in these few weeks before things start to flower, we apply the first treatment of two effective preemergent herbicides.

These products are incredibly efficient at preventing weed growth, but also safe for your ornamental plants, and (once dried) for people and pets. We apply them now because they’re strictly preventative – they won’t have any impact on weeds that are already growing.

To ensure your garden makes it through the season with far fewer weeds, we’ll return in June – after the beds have been mulched – for a second treatment. With two treatments this spring, you should see a dramatic reduction in crabgrass, dandelions, chickweed and other common garden nuisances all season long. In fact, with continued treatments, you’ll likely see fewer and fewer weeds over time.

Because we’re preventing most weeds from coming up this year, they won’t have the opportunity to go to seed. By “breaking the cycle” of weeds dropping their seeds in the same place, you’ll notice less of them in the years to come. That’s the best reason of all for keeping up your weed control treatments.

Keep your property green, healthy and safe.

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