Winter-Proof Your Shrubs With Anti-Desiccant Spray

Desiccation, or dehydration, is the main culprit when it comes to winter damage to your broadleaf evergreen trees and shrubs. Because they keep their foliage all year round, these plants need moisture throughout the winter – and they simply can’t get it from the soil once the ground freezes over. They can use the moisture stored in their leaves and stems, but once that’s gone, their needles and leaves will turn brown and drop.Anti-deiccant sprays protect broadleaf evergreens from winter damage.

Anti-desiccant products help evergreen trees and shrubs hold onto their moisture throughout the winter months. Anti-dessicant sprays basically seal off the pores in these plants, preventing the moisture from escaping. This can help save the plants we love in Connecticut, like boxwood, rhododendron, holly, and laurel.

Anti-desiccants need to be applied just before winter – that is, before the ground freezes and while the plants are still full of the water they need to survive. The spray is essentially a polymer, which puts a glossy coating on the leaves and prevents them from wilting.

But one spray is typically not enough for the entire season. For one thing, anti-desiccants don’t last forever. They will break down over time. For another, in the northeast, we often have a warm spell or thaw at some point during the winter. These “false springs” may encourage growth, but will likely be followed by another deep freeze. In our neck of the woods, this is where the majority of winter damage occurs. For this reason, we typically do a second spraying in mid-to-late winter.

Anti-desiccants are a smart, affordable and attractive way to ensure your broadleaf evergreens survive the winter months. It’s definitely nicer looking than covering your plants in burlap! (Not that we have anything against burlap…)

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